Osteopathy is a manual (hands on) approach to promote health and wellness. Osteopathy uses very precise palpatory and manipulative techniques to restore mobility to the different systems of the body. Unique to osteopathy is the integrative treatment of all body systems including circulatory, digestive, respiratory, nervous, cranio-sacral, and musculo-skeletal. The objective of the professional practice of osteopathy is to understand the inter-relationship of the different systems and structures of the body, treat the causes of dysfunction and also act preventively to ensure the smooth synchronous functioning of the basic physiological mechanisms that keep the human body well, balanced and healthy. For instance, all internal organs are connected to the external musculoskeletal system via ligaments and fasciae. Traumatic injury, postural strain or stress may develop tension in these tissues restricting the normal physiology of the organ, and in turn symptoms may be manifested in the musculoskeletal system. For example, kidney stone can be manifested itself as low back pain. Post-partum headache can be caused by increased dural tension. TMJ dysfunction resulting in occlusal problem requires attention to the cranial bones mobility, dural and myofascial tension. Many patients with these conditions undiagnosed by traditional medicine and dentistry and/or treated without success often have success with osteopathic treatment. The treatment techniques are gentle and respect the body's natural inherent ability to heal itself.

Today, there are 15 universities offer training in osteopathic medicine in the United States, 9 accredited Colleges of Osteopathy in France. There is ongoing research nation-wide and is well-respected.

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