With the use of botox injections, muscles that are in spasms are treated and spasms are temporarily reduced. Usually, pain reduction follows as a result of the lack of muscle spasms. However, the cause of the muscle spasms, which often times is muscle imbalance, needs to be addressed. Surface EMG biofeedback is a perfect tool that can be used for this purpose to maximize the outcome of the botox injections. The Surface EMG Biofeedback System is the latest computerized technology for analyzing and treating muscle pain and dysfunction. This non-invasive method of assessment involves attaching to the skin electrode pads, which are in turn connected to the computer. With the information that is generated by the assessment, a detailed treatment plan can be made that is tailored to your specific needs. Muscle weakness, tightness and faulty movement patterns can all be corrected during the treatment sessions. This will be achieved using surface EMG technology as a means of direct feedback that will allow you to visualize your own muscle function on the computer screen with audio feedback. With the use of surface EMG biofeedback, normal muscle movement pattern is restored. This will prevent future recurrence of abnormal muscle spasms. Therefore, serving as the ideal adjunct to botox injections.
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