“ The most sophisticated computerized technology available for efficiently managing muscle fatigue and pain disorders ”


The Surface EMG Biofeedback System is the latest computerized technology for analyzing and treating muscle pain and dysfunction. This non-invasive method of assessment involves attaching to the skin electrode pads, which are in turn connected to the computer. You will be asked to perform different tasks such as arm elevation, sitting, standing, squatting, etc. As the task is being performed, the muscle activity will generate signals that will be analyzed by the computer and visibly shown on the computer screen. This gives valuable information about muscle fatigue, strength and movement patterns. Our technology also includes neuromuscular fatigue analysis, which more accurately determines how severe muscle dysfunction is. This is important for prognosticating the length and extent of disability. With the information that is generated by the assessment, a detailed treatment plan can be made that is tailored to your specific needs. Muscle weakness, tightness and faulty movement patterns can all be corrected during the treatment sessions. This will be achieved using surface EMG technology as a means of direct feedback that will allow you to visualize your own muscle function on the computer screen with audio feedback. The advantage of surface EMG treatment is that it allows you to monitor your own muscle activity as you perform an exercise taught by your physiotherapist. You then will be able to see whether the correct muscle group is used to complete the task. This eliminates the chance of injuring yourself due to performing an exercise incorrectly. The biofeedback sessions will enable you to experience the appropriate muscle contraction so that when exercises are done at home, there will be a carry-over effect of proper exercise technique.

The applications of surface EMG are multiple. It can be used in the assessment and treatment of various conditions such as:

Repetitive Strain Injuries   Patello-femoral Syndrome  
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome   Rotator Cuff Injuries  
Neck and Back Myofascial pain   Recurrent Shoulder Dislocation  
Cervicogenic Headache   Facial Nerve Palsy  
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